Joop Verelzen

Joop Verelzen

Founder @ TCRsquare

My Goal: to enable Customers to make Progress and to Improve their Performance!

A seasoned professional with a track record of nearly 25 years in sales and marketing in

various functions of multinational and SMB companies. My customers appreciate my

capability to get their business challenges and requirements supported by the right

solution, whereby I have been able to gain the trust of companies such as Heinz,

Bridgestone, Solvay, Eriks, Out of Use, Smeets & Zonen, Gravo,…

Nowadays, a driven entrepreneur, who sees a glass half full.

I have experienced the professions of sales and marketing evolving to the current state

of social selling and content marketing. Out of my frustration within the area of content

creation, I have developed an integrated solution to enable companies to have a

structured approach towards content creation whereby all processes are automated and

their digitalized content is stored.

Finally, companies will generate more Efficiently Qualitative and Relevant Content which

enables them to

 Get a Better Interaction with their (potential) Customers,

 Generate more Leads, and

 Save Time and Costs!

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